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Elizabeth Xi Bauer is dedicated to building and managing collections of both modern and contemporary art: our focus is on natural development and the specific histories included in the collection of artworks. We don’t look at a specific geographical area and we support acquisitions of works of different media.

We want to encourage learning and help collectors making the most sensible choices. Our research and analysis are personally and intimately considered, always mindful of costs and provenance. We encourage those looking to acquire a collection to study our on-line knowledge resource and our recommended books, as well as visiting as many galleries and artist studios as possible. To support artists means to establish relations built on trust and follow their work in the long term.

Our internal network of resources benefits from its relations with leading museums, galleries, auction houses and art critics. We advise on acquisition, installation and collection management with the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism.

The essays in this section represent the views of international experts on collecting and supporting art. To access some of the articles you will need a password available from us at Elizabeth Xi Bauer.


Swiss Made: A Truly Swiss Affair

From the Corporate Art Collecting Series By Edward J Sheldrick and Pinto Rai Dhir   On Monday 23rd May I was privileged to receive a private tour of the Pictet & Cie corporate art collection located at Moor House in Moorgate. The astute, thoughtful and elegant Loa...

Corporate Art Collections

From the Corporate Art Collecting Series By Edward J Sheldrick and Pinto Rai Dhir One might assume that the main benefit of building up, maintaining and expanding a corporate art collection would be the yield of profit. In other words, a way to diversify and perhaps...

Protected: What is Art?

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