Corporate Art

You’ve built an institution. Now,
build a legacy.

2019, Etching on cotton paper Somerset, 152.5×100cm
Theodore Ereira-Guyer

The time-tested tradition of corporate art collecting

Since the 1950s, when David Rockefeller started an art acquisition programme at Chase Manhattan Bank, Corporate Art Collecting has been a preferred strategy for corporations to build their legacy, promote philanthropy, and diversify their investment portfolio with high quality artwork.

Today, corporations as wide-ranging as JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Microsoft – as well as smaller family owned Corporate Collections, actively acquire art to expand their robust collection. This is a key pillar of their long-term wealth creation strategy and cultural sophistication and appreciation.

Barclays Capital claimed in 2005 that if 10% of a financial portfolio was allotted to art over a 10-20 year period, it would lower portfolio risk.

Understanding Art Markets

Corporate Collection Management

Our team can work with you to carefully source artists and artworks to help you build a valuable portfolio. We work on a customised collection strategy tailored to the history, ethos, values, identity, and ambitions of your company.

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