Is Art a Strong Investment?

Many collectors buy art solely for its growth potential and ability to withstand the economic instability and volatility that affects most other investments

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Is art internationally renowned for being an essential part of an investment portfolio?

Why does it seem that most wealthy individuals that become wealthy buy art?

Can the performance of art as one of the leading asset classes be expected to continue?

“Art prices were up 211% between 2003 and 2013 (despite) the financial crisis of 2008, making Art one of the most effective hedges during uncertain times.”

The Economist

“2019 has begun with strong economic indicators, record prices and sales volume, despite global economic uncertainty and volatile equities markets.”

Citi Private Bank

“88% of wealth managers advise apportioning a part of their investment portfolio towards art.”

Deloitte Art and Finance Report 2017

The Art of Investing in Art

Our art advisory and investment service helps collectors understand and navigate within the art market. Collectors are able to purchase artworks that have been stringently validated for their high artistic value, in turn providing serious long term investment potential.

Our award winning team of in-house art experts work with you to carefully source artworks directly from the primary market, which show exciting upside potential enabling you to realise their value on the secondary market if you choose.

Why invest in art?

Some of the top reasons why collectors have bought art as an investment

Realise tremendous potential for growth

To preserve, bequeath, and impart family wealth for future generations.

The aesthetic value of the art itself and the way it makes you and all observers feel.

Collecting validated Art demonstrates cultural sophistication.

It is a tangible asset driven by different economic forces.

Art contributes towards a diversified portfolio.