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A service for established and emerging collectors

Whether you’re starting your first art collection or you’re an experienced collector, our private collector and curation service will help you on your journey.

Acquire stringently validated artworks

Our team is careful to secure works by artists before they reach the zenith of their fame and success. They have the best yet to come. The collector has the unique opportunity to acquire works by artists, with a fast growing reputation, and, therefore, a high potential for growth.

Liz Xi artists are selected for their demonstrated success. Liz Xi artists have already achieved significant gravitas, substance, and critical success, with artwork acquired by renowned institutions including the Tate, MoMA, and the Centre Pompidou.

Tate Museum

Our approach to building valuable collections

Historically, successful collections have always been built with a vertical, in-depth approach.

In order to help you build a highly specialised, and thus more valuable collection, our acquisition strategy focuses on helping you build in an in-depth and consisetent way, that is carefully crafted and constructed around a particular theme, art movement, or mediums in which you choose to focus.

Private Collection and Curation Services

Beyond guiding you in selecting or sourcing artwork, we offer end to end Private Collection and Curation services to enlarge, maintain, or renew your collection.

Installation and

Cataloguing and Documentation

Valuation and

Maintenance and Storage

Leave behind a legacy.